Career Path Form

When the students take the Missouri Connections assessment, they will find dozens of Career Clusters referenced under each Career Pathway. Because the option for careers choices is so wide, we grouped many different careers together in what we have called Career PODS. You will find an attached list of the PODS we plan to have represented at the My Success Event. We hope to expand upon these groupings with each event.

By visiting all of the PODS within their identified Career Pathway the student may be introduced to options they might not initially associate with their interest area. Please encourage your students to start with their identified Career Pathway (the one for which they will receive a colored Pen) and gather as much information as possible in that area. If the student wants to explore another career path they are free to do so, but we highly encourage students to spend the majority of their time within their pre-designated area. This is not an event predicated on seeing every “booth” or career group.

There will be no trinkets or giveaways from the career pods to entice students to visit multiple pathways—instead students will be registered for the $5,000 worth of giveaways (Digital Cameras, DVD players, and laptops) based upon being engaged in the process. Students who do not actively participate in the day’s activities will not qualify to register for the prizes. This will be explained in more detail at the student orientation which will be given prior to the schools entering the main floor of the civic arena.

We sincerely hope that students, teachers and counselors find their day at the My Success Event enjoyable and highly informative and useful; we appreciate your feedback. Thank you for participating in our inaugural event.

Arts & Communications

Graphic Arts
Architectural Drafting & Design

Business, Management, Marketing & Technology

Sales and Marketing
Computer Information Systems
Administrative Services
Human Resources

Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology

Precision Production
Engineering—Civil, Design, Mechanical

Health Sciences


Human Services

Law Enforcement
Social Services
Public Administration
Mortuary Science

Science, Natural Resources & Agri-Sciences

Animal Health
Alternative Fuels
Plant Technology